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Wellbeing Sessions

Personal guidance for individuals & groups

Wellbeing Sessions

Relax your body - Reset your mind - Refresh your energy


Would you like to experience greater ease, energy & clarity, including during times of change?

Learn how to connect to your energy & an abundant life force that naturally flows to you? 

Receive guidance to release tension & outdated patterns weighing you down. 

Wellbeing Sessions are tailored to your individual requirements

the following may be included:





Breathing practices

Healing Harmonic Sounds

Energetic Healing

Time Line Therapy

Psychology Patient


Counselling &  Coaching


Relaxation & Wellbeing Specialist

Judy Kater

Judy Kater, founder of Relaxation Project shares 25+ yrs exp with all her clients.

Judy's gift is to guide clients to a lighter connection to life.


Judy is professionally trained and qualified as a Meditation Facilitator, Yoga Teacher, Holistic Counsellor, Life Coach, Energetic Healer, Harmonic Sound Practitioner & Time Line Therapist. Having written and delivered the curriculum for the Meditation Facilitator’s Certificate and a variety of Wellness courses at Nature Care College in Sydney, her guidance will support and uplift you.

She has extensive experience working with people of all ages and in a range of environments: private homes, the workplace, health-centres, schools, hospitals, aged care, retreat locations and at special events in Australia and worldwide.


Wellbeing sessions & Personalised programs with Judy create alignment and powerful life affirming personal shifts.


“I learnt to apply yoga into my life, through Judy’s professional tuition and sensitive tailoring of my yoga routine. Judy’s insights into the way the body works is both intuitive and a result of continuous study. Regular sessions with Judy have contributed to sustaining my good physical and mental health over the years.” 


Judy bases my yoga and meditation sessions on relieving my aches, I'm so grateful my lower back pain has alleviated. Judy has helped me relieve my stress, realign my body and settle my breathing. I look forward to my weekly yoga sessions.


"I highly recommend Judy's harmonic sound and energy healing. After each session, I find I'm highly motivated to follow through with implementing changes in my life, I'm able to focus and think clearly.


“Many years, of Judy’s yoga tuition and sensitive tailoring of my routine has contributed to and sustained my health. Judy’s insights into the way the body works is both intuitive and a result of continuous study into the way yoga and meditation can be applied to ones life both physically and mentally. You are a master of your profession.” 


"I feel deeply relaxed during and after each harmonic sound and energetic healing sessions with Judy. I'm amazed how my body and mind let go. The relaxing vibration of the instruments help me sleep so well."


"My ability to deal with and move past a recent traumatic experience has improved since receiving counselling and deep relaxation sessions with Judy. Your insightful and caring support has helped me move forward and feel confident in myself again. Thank you."


"Judy has been actively involved in training Meditation over many years. She brings a calm and nurturing presence to her work. This, together with her in-depth knowledge of the subject matter, provides students with a safe and enjoyable learning environment. There is lots of positive feedback from the students."



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