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Would you like to Prioritise Yourself?

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Holistic Counselling
Intuitive Guidance


Receive support & space to be seen, heard & met without judgement

  • share concerns, express feelings, befriend your self

  • develop skills to navigate through challenges & adapt to change

  • access your inner resources and personal strengths 

  • make decisions and create solutions

  • embrace a new level of insight and awareness 

  • feel a greater sense of acceptance of your self and others

  • gain a renewed perspective of your situation & your relationships

Counselling can address a range of general & personal concerns - stress, anxiety, overwhelm, self esteem, frustration, anger, sadness, grief & loss, depression, communication, relationship issues, career & life transitions.

Coaching reviews all aspects of life, what fulfils you and what doesn't. Align your head with your heart & authentic self. Access your strengths & abilities.

Intuitive Guidance receive personal guidance to assist you with connecting deeply with being true to your self and practical ways to align with your purpose.


Awaken a brighter lighter connection to life!

Meditation & Yoga

Be supported by an experienced teacher, such as Judy



Learn which Meditation technique best suits you and your lifestyle. Create calmness from the inside - out and allow space for greater clarity.  Observe outdated reactions to situations subside. Feel lighter.


Be guided though a yoga practice tailored to your needs. Become aware of the flow of energy throughout your body. Experience your thoughts slowing down.

Meditation & Yoga Blend

Yoga postures, breathing exercises, deep relaxation and meditation.

Connect with your Self - body mind heart & soul


Energy Healing & Balance
Harmonic Sound Healing

Your body has an innate ability to heal 


Harmonic Sound Healing provides an effortless way to let go and drift into a nourishing state of relaxation - from the crown of your head to the tip of your toes. During a session clients can either sit or lay comfortably while a variety of instruments are played, both on and around the body - Himalayan Bowls, Chimes, an Earth Gong, Tinctures and Bells. Our bodies are very receptive to the healing affect of Harmonic Sounds - cells, muscles, organs and the energy field surrounding our body are restored back to to a harmonious balanced healthier state. You'll feel like you've been on a holiday!

Energy Healing & Balance is gentle and non-invasive. After a short chat the practitioner's hands will clear stagnant energy, allowing tensions to release and thus a healthier flow of energy to be restored throughout your body. Our physical body is surrounded by an energy field which becomes congested due to stress (present & past), repetitive thoughts and limiting beliefs in our subconscious mind. All of which impact your ability to sense your full potential. Energy Healing clears what is stuck & stagnant and creates space for fresher higher vibrational energy to flow into your life.


Enhance your

physical mental emotional spiritual


One Day Retreats
Self Care Personalised Packages

Prioritise Yourself 


Replenish Day Retreat Day 10-4pm

Do you give out alot, caring for others? Take time out to replenish. Value prioritising yourself and recharging your own energy. The day nurtures and nourishes you. Enjoy a balanced restorative blend of yoga, meditation, harmonic sounds and deep relaxation with other like minded people. 

Self Care Personalised Packages

Be nurtured and companioned through times of change by an experienced practitioner, such as Judy. 


Life is easier when the journey is shared. Receive support as outdated patterns of behaviour dissolve. Restore a healthy flow of vital energy in and around your body. Create space for energy of a higher vibration to flow into your life. 

Deepen Self Love - body mind heart & soul

* 10 minute Breath Meditation *
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