The Relaxation Project’s INTENTION is to cultivate inner calm, presence and inspiration within everyday life. The AIM is to assist people to relax , reset and refresh their body, mind & energy. The Relaxation Response counterbalances stress.

The Relaxation Project creates a ripple affect - as one person feels relaxed, relaxation extends out to others like the ripples in a pond. When we shift gears towards greater relaxation, connection & inspiration flow. Give it a go!

Be guided to connect to yourself from the inside - out. Become aware of the messages your body-mind-spirit signal to you in every present moment. Develop greater awareness and tap into greater flow.


GET RESULTS. I work with people who desire to experience positive changes in their lives. You'll receive personal attention and support to shed outdated patterns, habits and behaviours that no longer serve you. You hold the key, my role is to guide you with tools and a manageable framework to unlock your potential.

RECEIVE a comprehensive & integrated approach to your wellbeing. Gain practical & effective skills to relax your body, reset your focus and refresh your energy. The Relaxation Project guides you to celebrate self-care and cultivate connection in your daily life. Be met wherever you currently are. Sessions and Programs are tailored to your individual requirements

LEARN techniques to counterbalance the many modern day stresses and pace of life. Relaxation helps slow down your perception of time and invite what you really want into your life. One step at a time. Priorities become clearer when you are calmer. Inspiration grows.

MY JOURNEY into healing and self awareness began in 1985. I'd been experiencing challenges in several areas of my life and feeling under increasing pressure. I noticed my positive attitude and disposition gradually slipping away and dissatisfaction creeping in. My inner critic grew, into a monster. I found it difficult to relax my mind.


To help myself, I started practising yoga and meditation. Gratefully, I regained my balance and peace of mind. A sense of contentment from within was greatly welcomed, an unexpected added bonus. I experienced a huge shift in my perspective, my outlook to life expanded and profound healing took place. A strong impulse to engage in life in a more meaningful, authentic and conscious way awoke.


I felt drawn to explore a range of natural therapies and studied numerous styles of Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Breath-work, Harmonic Sounds, Energetic Healing and Counselling. My appetite to travel and experience different cultures further awakened my outlook. My yoga and meditation practice continued evolving along the way as I attended classes filled with a range of cultural diversity and philosophies. My personal practice became a joyful and rich eclectic mix of knowledge and understanding, which to this day continues to expand my sense of self, others and the world.


endeavour to live life with an attitude of gratitude, an open heart & admiration of nature.

Judy is professionally trained and qualified, with a Diploma of Holistic Counselling, Diploma of Energetic Healing, Diploma of Holistic Life Coaching and is accredited as a Yoga Teacher and Meditation Facilitator. She is the writer and trainer of the Meditation Facilitator's Certificate and member of the Energetic Healing and Life Studies Faculty at Nature Care College in Sydney.

She is a member of both the Australian Counselling Association & the Australian Yoga Teacher's Association.


Judy has produced a variety of popular digital audio Meditations.

See 'Meditations' page to purchase for yourself or as a gift !

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