My JOURNEY into healing and self awareness began in 1985. I'd been feeling under pressure and experiencing challenges in several areas of my life. I noticed my usual positive attitude and disposition gradually slipping away and an uncomfortable anxiety creeping in. Feelings of overwhelm grew. I found it difficult to relax the chatter of my mind. I desired relief and decided to explore ways to create change.

I began practicing yoga and meditation. I also asked for and received guidance. I regained my balance and gratefully found a deeper connection with myself - a calmer state of mind, an inner confidence & sense of contentment emerged. Sigh of relief! I felt a strong impulse to engage in life in a more meaningful mindful and authentic way.


I became drawn to explore a range of natural therapies. I studied Yoga, Meditation, Counselling & Coaching, Breathwork, Sound Healing, Chakra & Energy Healing, Time Line NLP and Access Consciousness. My personal daily practice became a joyful rich eclectic mix of knowledge & understanding. Inspired by a variety of philosophies, cultures & teachings to this day continues to uplift my life & expand my sense of self, others and the world. 


I aspire to live with gratitude, an open heart & to deeply respect nature's wisdom.

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My APPROACH brings results - I work with people who desire to experience positive changes in their life. You'll receive personal attention and support to shed outdated patterns, habits & behaviours that no longer serve the highest version of you.

You hold the key. My role is to guide you with practical & effective tools and a manageable framework for you to expand into your full potential.


RECEIVE a comprehensive & integrated approach to support your wellbeing, reset your focus and refresh your energy. When you are calmer inspiration grows & flows. 

Counterbalance modern day stress.
Cultivate Self Care. Celebrate Self Connection.

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My INTENTION is to counterbalance stress and assist YOU to relax, reset and refresh your body mind heart & soul. 

Relaxation Project creates a ripple affect - one person's relaxed state extends out to others - like the ripples in a pond.

Experience deepening your self connection from the inside - out. Become aware of the messages & signals your body-mind-heart-spirit give you in every moment. 

Allow Connection & Inspiration to flow. Begin to glow!

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Judy is professionally trained and qualified, with a Diploma of Holistic Counselling, Diploma of Energetic Healing, Diploma of Holistic Life Coaching and is accredited as a Yoga Teacher and Meditation Facilitator. She is the writer and trainer of the Meditation Facilitator's Certificate and member of the Energetic Healing and Life Studies Faculty at Nature Care College in Sydney.

She is a member of both the Australian Counselling Association & the Australian Yoga Teacher's Association.

Judy has produced a variety of popular digital audio Meditations

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