The Practice of Yoga positively influences how we connect with ourselves, other people, our lives and to the greater world.

Practicing yoga creates a unified flow of energy to and through the whole body.

The body, mind and heart align to open. Everyday tensions melt away. Yoga is a wonderful way to recharge. 

Yoga combines physical postures, breathing practices, deep relaxation and meditation.

Yoga postures (asana) are a holistic body practice - muscles stretch strengthen and tone, internal organs are gently massaged, overall posture improves, blood flow increases the circulation of oxygen to the body and the brain. Yoga assists with strengthening the digestive and immune systems while the nervous system becomes calmer, generating relaxation and better quality sleep. 

Breathing practices focus the mind, settle the body, balance emotions and connect you with the 'present moment'.

Deep Relaxation recharges every aspect of our being. 

Meditation focuses the mind and invites our authentic self to shine. 


What to expect in a yoga session or class with Judy

Judy’s sessions and classes are based on the understanding that there is a balance between effort and rest, tension and relaxation, strength and flexibility. To achieve a balanced state, each person requires an individual adaptation of the postures and their practice, here an experienced teacher is invaluable.

Judy’s sessions and classes encourage awareness of the body, breath, mind, heart and soul. Sessions include and blend yoga postures, breathing practices, deep relaxation and meditation. The aim of these practices is to sense and respond to the body’s internal communications that are occurring all the time, Practicing Yoga liberates Vital Life Energy to flow throughout one's entire being.

Reduce aches and pains, prevent disease, strengthen the immune system and alleviate premature ageing.s

Benefits of Yoga:

· Alleviate stress and tension

· Assist sleep

· Improve breathing

· Improve concentration and energy

· Center, clear and calm the mind

· Balance emotional and mental states

· Strengthen the immune system

· Promote optimal health, prevent disease

· Slow down premature ageing

· Ignite the spirit