" I highly recommend Judy, she offers a supportive space where I feel comfortable to be open to talk and be heard. I find each session of great benefit as it helps me implement changes I want in my life. I find her harmonic sound bath to be very uplifting, yet relaxing and restorative too."

Aleni Matsas


“Many years, I think it must be nine or ten, of Judy’s yoga tuition and sensitive tailoring of my routine has contributed to and sustained my health. Judy’s insights into the way the body works is both intuitive and a result of continuous study into the way yoga can be applied to ones life both physically and mentally. You are a master of your profession.” 

David Scheinberg


“A more experienced, knowledgeable, understanding and patient yoga teacher than Judy, you will not find. Over the years I have developed lower back pain amongst other bodily issues, Judy always listens to my concerns and bases my lessons on relieving my aches and pains. She has definitely helped to relieve my stress and realign my body. I look forward to my weekly yoga lessons for improving my balance, flexibility and breathing.”

Stepanie Meuller 


“I have been taking yoga classes with Judy for many years and really look forward to our twice weekly session. Judy understands the way a body works and tailors her exercise program accordingly. She makes me feel calm and relaxed and healthy every time especially at the end of a session when she plays her Himalayan bowls. So if you want to feel rejuvenated then Judy Kater is the person for you.” 

Sam Linz


"Judy, thank you so much for your wonderful, intuitive Energetic Healing & Deep Relaxation treatments. Thank you for listening and understanding. Your compassionate, insightful and caring support and release work was invaluable!!! It significantly improved my ability to deal with and move past a recent traumatic experience."

Annett Groebel


“I started seeing Judy in my third year of university. I was feeling stressed about study and constant exams, but whenever I saw Judy I always became more relaxed. Her sessions are wholistic. We focused on three main areas:

1. Yoga - both fast (for fitness) and slow (for flexibility and strength);

2. Meditation - which always followed yoga to integrate the changes made during Yoga; and

3. Sound healing - which generally involved harmonic chimes and light massage/energy work to take the post-yoga relaxation to the next level.

Overall, I would highly recommend Judy for everyone who understands the importance of mindfulness and wants to achieve benefits in every area of life.”

Adam Kaye


"Judy has been actively involved in training Meditation at the College over many years. She brings a calm, relaxed and nurturing presence to her work. This, together with her in-depth knowledge of the subject matter, provides students with a safe and enjoyable learning environment. Judy's personality invites high levels of student engagement that results in positive feedback from the students."

David Sokol


“An Energetic Healing session from Judy is very gentle, nurturing and relaxing. I feel rejuvenated after the session. Judy is a wonderful practitioner”

Jana Rajnoch