The Relaxation Project’s MISSION is to empower people to cultivate inner calm and inspiration in their every day life. Its AIM is to assist people to develop a richer connection with themselves through relaxation processes, transforming stress into inner calm. The Relaxation Project is about creating a ripple affect of relaxation - when one person feels relaxed, it spreads to others like the ripples in a pond, and consequently many others shift towards greater relaxation, which allows inspiration to flow.

The underlying cause of most health challenges today is stress related. The first step to overcoming stress is taking a little time out for you. The body, and our entire being, have an incredibly profound inner wisdom and know exactly what it needs to heal. It is constantly trying to restore us to our original state of wellness, health and balance. The way to reconnect with this ability is to FEEL rather than to think, to accept, and to listen to what the body is saying, and to honor what it requests, trusting its innate ability to heal. To do this we need to settle our bodies, quiet our minds and simply ’tune in’. Becoming more relaxed and present is the KEY. 

The Relaxation Project provides practical accessible tools to restore and nurture energy levels, to gain focus and cultivate inspiration in daily life. The focus is on you, the individual, offering personalised attention and support in reconnecting with yourself and assisting with optimising your health and wellbeing. Programs are suitable for beginners through to all levels.

Judy Kater develops the programs and conducts the sessions for the Relaxation Project. She works with individuals and groups and takes a holistic approach to wellbeing. The Relaxation Project provides a client-centered healing environment where clients are encouraged to take responsibility for their own health, healing and wellbeing. Whether individual or group sessions, clients receive personal instruction, guidance and answers to questions.


Main modern day stresses affecting people’s lives today are:

1.     Being time-poor in our fast paced world. As a result people frequently feel rushed, stressed and overwhelmed trying to keep up with their lives and themselves.

2.     Inability to slow down thoughts and switch off the mind, resulting in restlessness, agitation, compromised sleep patterns, low energy and poor focus.

3.     Technology and the frustration it often brings. We love technology when it works, but it speeds up our lives and it can become challenging to get off the treadmill and stop.

4.     Living beyond our truth. Getting caught up in doing what is expected of us rather than what we love. Consequently feelings of dissatisfaction and discontent creep in. 

5.     Too many responsibilities - work demands, study pressure, lack of play & creativity.

Relaxation is essential to counterbalance all of these modern day stresses. Relaxation brings greater clarity and focus into our daily life. It helps slow down our perception of time and allows us to realise what we really want in our lives and how to create this one step at a time. Our priorities become clearer as inner calm settles us and inspiration grows. 


Thousands of individuals have benefitted from the Relaxation Project’s programs and sessions.

You too can flourish!