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Judy’s Journey

Judy's journey into self-awareness and healing began in 1985. During her final year of studying a Science Degree she felt under pressure in several aspects of her life. At this point Judy started practising yoga to gain balance, peace of mind and inner contentment. She experienced a huge shift in her perspective, her outlook on life expanded and profound healing took place; a strong impulse to engage in life in a more meaningful, authentic and conscious way awoke. Judy felt drawn to explore different modalities of natural therapies and studied numerous styles of Hatha Yoga, Meditation and Energetic Healing. Travelling and experiencing different cultures further awakened her outlook, her yoga and meditation practice continued evolving along the way as she attended classes filled with a range of cultural diversity and philosophies. Judy’s personal practice became a joyful and rich eclectic mix of knowledge and understanding, which continues to expand her sense of self, others and the world.


Judy’s Passion

Judy feels passionately about contributing to people’s lives and humanity, highlighting the importance of self-care and connection. The key is being true to the guidance that our body-mind-spirit signals to us in every present moment.

Her teaching style is gentle and nurturing, emphasising self awareness and self care. Her intention is that each client has an enjoyable and wholesome experience, whilst empowering people to take charge of their own wellbeing.

Judy leads by example, being of inspiration to others. As well as passion, she has a gift for helping people transform themselves and their lives by guiding her clients to let go of conditioned/limiting patterns. Judy supports people to gain insight into what may be driving their thoughts, beliefs and resulting behaviours. Client's gain greater awareness and favourable outcomes unfold.

Her expansive mix of knowledge, experience and understanding of herself, people and healing potential contributes to all her classes, sessions, workshops and retreats. With over 30 years of practice, which includes 25 years experience of teaching, she has assisted thousands of student's with creating a more rewarding and meaningful relationship to themselves, their lives and their wellbeing.

She has extensive experience working with individuals and groups, as a facilitator, educator, speaker and mentor of health & wellbeing. She has experience working with people of all ages and in a range of environments: private homes, the workplace, health-centres, schools, hospitals, aged care, retreat locations and as a guest speaker at special events.

Judy is the writer and trainer of the Meditation Facilitator's Certificate and member of the Energetic Healing and Life Studies Faculty at Nature Care College in Sydney. She has a Diploma of Holistic Counselling, a Diploma of Energetic Healing, a Diploma of Holistic Life Coaching and is accredited as a Yoga and Meditation Teacher. She is a member of both the Australian Counselling Association & the Australian Yoga Teacher's Association. Judy has written and produced 2 CDs - Vital Life Energy Yoga Postures & Vital Life Energy Short Meditations.