All levels of experience are welcome - Beginners, General, Experienced, Rusty and Returning.

The Relaxation Project comes to your home, work place or chosen venue. Skype/FaceTime sessions are also available for people unable to meet face to face. 

Sessions are client-centred. A supportive safe confidential environment is created.

Receive personal attention, guidance and encouragement to steer your health and healing in a life affirming direction. Often a small change is extremely affective.

Individual Sessions

Focus on any specific health or lifestyle challenge - turn it into a learning opportunity and strength.

Client’s needs are assessed and addressed. Sessions are tailored to meet specific physical, mental, emotional, spiritual requirements and goals.

Sessions may be made weekly, every 2 weeks or as required. Each session includes one or any combination of the services provided.

There is never any pressure - gentle encouragement is provided at a pace that meets your requirements.

Group Sessions and Workshops

Small or large group sessions and workshops can be organised at a venue of your choice.

We discuss the best combination of services to suit your needs. Appropriate and caring guidance is always provided.


Can be arranged at your convenience, for individuals or groups.

1. ‘Learn to Meditate’ - 4 week or 8 week

2. ‘Nurture & Restore’ – 1 day

3. ‘Facilitation Skills’ – 1 day


· Urban Retreat - 1 day
· Rural Retreat - weekend away

Recharge your energy!

Urban Retreats are scheduled at venues in the eastern, northern and southern suburbs of Sydney. Urban Retreats are available in all cities across the country upon request.

Rural Retreats can be arranged for small or large groups. Create your own group of like-minded people for a rural retreat together and enjoy a wholesome and replenishing time.

Register your interest and stay tuned to the home page.

Special Events - as a facilitator or guest speaker

Judy is available to speak and facilitate workshops at Special Events.

Please contact us to discuss opportunities.


Contact Judy at The Relaxation Project to discuss your specific requirements and pricing options.
Health Fund rebates may be applicable, depending on your cover. 
Payment method: please pay cash at appointment or bank transfer in advance.


Cancellation Policy

Please be courteous - notify by phone or text at least 24 hours prior if unable to attend and to reschedule an appointment. Time can then be allocated to someone else, as we value the opportunity for everyone to have access to sessions.

Please note, if you miss an appointment or reschedule inside the requested 24 hours, 50% of the consultation fee will be charged.